Sofus Patchwork SIlk Jacket # 171


This sustainable Sofus Patchwork SILK Jacket is made out of the finest pure silk vintage saris from India handpicked by the owners of SISSEL EDELBO. We have selected different pieces of fabric that are matching in color, but at the same time not too similar, so that the patchwork look comes out just right. The cotton lining is hand printed in beautiful block print - an old Indian printing technique. Sofus is designed with pockets on the front, that’s both practical and compliments the over all look. The jacket can be worn outdoors, or indoors as a cardigan. Yet trendy patchwork look. Enjoy this work of art for many seasons to come.

All SISSEL EDELBO styles are being upcycled of vintage sari and in that way sustainable. In the past, these saris has been worn by the Indian women, which means that smaller imperfections such as small stains and loose threads can occur. However, to us these imperfections are the clothes' unique beauty flaws. They reflect the life and the love that the previous owner has added to the fabric. We hope you will love the story of the material as much as we do - FROM ONE WOMAN TO ANOTHER.  


This style is a part of our PURE SILK concept. We have carefully selected the most beautiful 100% crepe silk saris for this style. When both seeing and touching this material, you will know why it is know worldwide as some of the purest silk. Crepe silk is known for its nice velour feeling that falls beautiful and heavily.  

  • Chest: 112 cm
  • Length: 112 cm
  • Sleeve length: 72 cm
  • Full length: 82 cm

This style is a part of our Zero Waste concept. It Is made of excess vintage sari-fabric, either from other styles or from discarded saris that cannot be used for a complete style. Instead, parts from these saris can be used for smaller styles or smaller parts on a mix-style, for example sleeves. We are actively working on our Zero Waste principles in order to minimize waste from our production and make our supply chain as sustainable as possible. 

All SISSEL EDELBO styles are made of the best reused saris which have been worn by Indian women for decades before they were carefully selected by team SISSEL EDELBO and then re-designed. The small imperfections that can occur tells a story about the fabric’s authentic life from the past. In SISSEL EDELBO it is the beauty of the imperfectly perfect we love and cherish. We hope that you will continue the beautiful story with pride. - THE STORY CONTINUES. 

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