Lulu and the Lemons

$120.00 $159.00

It’s a slippery slope. The old activewear. So we are easing you from active back into casual beautifully with the cutest lemon embroidered sky blue, citrus yellow, short sleeved rugby top. Wear with denim, preferably rigid. A vast change from that comfy black lycra but we've learnt the hard way. Summer bodies are not made in winter wearing activewear. In fact, the opposite. Sunny beach days are ahead, so just forget about all that and wear this very happily with any sort of body.



100% Cotton printed stripe jersey.

  • Short sleeved rugby shirt with lemon embroidery.
  • Slightly oversized fit.
  • Lemon embroidery on back of collar.
  • We love worn with denim.

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