Bellis Kantha Bag #67


Bellis Kantha Bag is one-of-a-kind, lightweight medium sized tote bag. Perfect to carry all your favorite belongings. Inside the bag it is finished with bias tape on all seams. Bellis Kantha bag is designed with an inside pocket for the smaller belongings.
Bellis Kantha Bag is made from vintage Kantha blankets. Our Kantha Bags are made from upcycled Indian kantha blankets, which means they have had a beautiful life and storytelling previously. The kantha blankets have been selected carefully by team SISSEL EDELBO and then re-designed so that the story can continue.  


One Size

  • Width: 62 cm
  • Height: 38 cm
  • Depth: 20 cm
  • Handle length: 31 cm
Our kantha styles are made of traditional kantha blankets from India. Kantha is a characteristic embroidery method, and is especially common among women in the countryside. The special embroidery has hundreds of years of history - and creatively upcycles old saris, giving them new life as quilts, blankets and bedspreads. The old saris are placed on top of each other and stitched together by hand. The small imperfections that can occur tells a story about the fabric’s authentic life from the past. At SISSEL EDELBO it is the beauty of the imperfectly perfect we love and cherish. We hope that you will continue the beautiful story with pride. - THE STORY CONTINUES. 

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